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"Ari was the cornerstone of my academic career. His guidance transformed the "D" student I was into the confident college graduate I am today."

-Spencer • Gonzaga University

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"I don’t have a doubt in my mind that my success in high school, which got me accepted at UCLA, USC, and Michigan, was largely due to Ari."

-Arianna • UCLA


"When I met Ari I didn't really care about college. But once we started working together, I got an outside perspective that told me I could truly succeed in a field that I would be happy in."

-Angelica • SF State

College Consulting:


For many students, applying to college is a terrifying prospect. Because high school guidance counselors often don't have time for more than a few meetings with each student, children are left to navigate this gauntlet largely on their own. After having helped hundreds of students through this process, I have developed an intimate knowledge of all aspects of this mystifying ordeal, and can offer expert guidance all along the way. In my trusted hands, your child, and your family, will breathe easier.

Choosing the Right Schools

Extensive interviews to determine each student's temperament, needs & goals

Finding the perfect balance of reach, target, and safety schools using data from thousands of recent applicants


Writing Dazzling Essays

Uncovering and communicating the essence of each student's uniqueness

Patient guidance from initial notes to perfectly-polished essays

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Helping students to write dazzling essays that highlight their unique gifts and demonstrate their acumen is one of my favorite parts of this work. For most students, this process begins with several conversations where we flesh out what distinguishes them from their peers, what qualities or experiences have shaped their particular perspective on life, and what they hope to tell colleges about themselves. Once we have identified a subject that captures the essence of a student's uniqueness, I patiently guide the student from initial notes, to a rough draft, and finally to a perfectly-polished final essay. Almost all of my students put more effort into this one essay than they have into any previous piece of writing, and through this process, they learn an enormous amount about how to shape and refine their ideas in written form. I have heard from former students, again and again, that my college essay process served as the template for all the papers they wrote in college.


Managing the Entire Application Process

Overseeing every detail of each application so nothing falls through the cracks

Using powerful organizational tools to reduce stress and overwhelm

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Most of my students apply to at least 15 schools. As a result, managing all those applications, each with its own set of supplemental essays and deadlines, is an overwhelming task (especially for teenagers also juggling school, standardized tests, sports, and a social life). I can help your child to stay on top of all his/her applications and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. I can help demystify the process and thereby greatly reduce the stress of senior year.




What Students Say:

Ari is unlike any other tutor. He appreciates the uniqueness of each student he meets, working with them to help them thrive personally and academically by utilizing their personal strengths.

- Georgia

Boston College

What Parents Say:

Our son now works for a tech company in San Francisco. He says he uses the skills that Ari taught him every day, and he attributes his many successes in his career to Ari’s help.

- Anna

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