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"I can attest without hesitation that Ari gets results. He has a very effective way of communicating with the kids that gets them to truly learn the material and then perform up to their their talents in school and on standardized tests."

-Jill • Parent

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"Our son's SAT scores, as well as his physics grades, steadily climbed as he worked with Ari. He responded really well to Ari's calm, patient style and ability to see the big picture.”

-Lisa • Parent

The Inspired Approach to Test Prep:

Most experts agree that standardized tests are poor measures of children’s knowledge, abilities, or even their future success. And yet, because they help admissions officers choose among a maddening number of candidates, these tests are here to stay. Over the last 18 years, I have developed a unique and powerful approach that makes these tests utterly beatable and gains my students acceptance to a whole new tier of colleges.

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Proven results perfected over decades

I have been helping students prepare for standardized tests for over 18 years. In that time, I have helped hundreds of students achieve staggering score improvements. With my well-honed system, students see gains which are more than double what other test prep companies achieve. For every one of my students, these gains significantly improve their their educational options (and their self-esteem as well).

Exquisitely personalized attention

Different students come to standardized tests with very different challenges. Some suffer from excessive anxiety, while others don’t care enough. Some struggle with conceptual gaps, and others with time pressure. Despite their rhetoric, large-group test-preparation services are simply not able to tailor their curriculum to these differences. By contrast, my students receive instruction that is perfectly-customized to their individual challenges and learning style.

An entirely new way to think

For good and for bad, standardized tests are nothing like school tests, and therefore, succeeding on these tests has very little in common with succeeding on academic tests. What’s required is learning how to think about test-taking in a radically new way. This is not easy, but with my proven techniques, students do learn this unfamiliar way of thinking and then quickly see ENORMOUS improvements in their scores.

A painless path to success

I understand that students already spend far too much of their lives learning about boring subjects from boring teachers. As a result, I have designed my test-prep curricula to be painless, and even fun. While most of my students start their test preparation process wishing that they could avoid these tests altogether, almost all end up saying they’re glad that such beatable tests exists, and that they feel so sorry for all the kids who don’t get tutored.


What Students Say:

Ari taught me much more than just how to get the right answer. He taught me how to learn.

- Aaron

Cal Poly

What Parents Say:

Ari's kind, calming personality and his unlimited knowledge of basically every subject made him not only a welcomed tutor in our home, but a personal mentor to my son and daughter.

- Dee Dee

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