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"Ari's skills go beyond the academic: he weaves philosophy and current events into the lessons and closely follows what else is going on in the student's life. He tutors the whole student.”

-Becky • Parent


"Over my 7 years working with Ari, I learned that I could approach him about anything, be it school, life decisions, or personal problems. In all those areas, I felt that Ari wanted to help me because he genuinely cared about me, not just because it was his job.”

-Stefano • Santa Clara

A Holistic Approach:

Most tutors focus exclusively on raising grades and test scores. For many students, however, higher grades are only part of the answer. As an example, an apathetic student with higher grades is usually just as apathetic. For those students suffering from stress, distraction, indifference, or destructive behavior, a more comprehensive approach can be enormously helpful. To support these students, and also those simply seeking more depth and relevance from their education, I offer a suite of powerful, holistic tools that improve their lives both in and beyond the classroom.

Unrivalled academic support

Over eighteen years experience tutoring every subject

No need for multiple tutors for different subjects

Special expertise working with learning differences

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I have tutored every high school subject for almost 20 years. As a result, I can handle all of my students’ tutoring needs, so they don’t need to juggle different tutors for different subjects. This allows my students to relax and focus on learning. In addition, my cross-disciplinary expertise allows me to draw connections between different subjects, so that my students can see the points of contact between what they are being taught in school. To see a list of my areas of expertise, click here.

An Integrated Perspective

Offering students a unified web of ideas, rather than disconnected facts

Drawing connections between concepts, making learning more relevant and engaging

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Our current educational system creates the impression that the branches of human knowledge are unrelated and largely irrelevant to one another. While this approach may be useful for producing ‘experts’, as technology turns the entire world into one global marketplace, this type of expertise will become a more and more common commodity. What will separate our children from the millions of their well-educated peers is their rare and precious ability to be creative problem-solvers. For this, a broad and integrated understanding of many different disciplines will be essential. Creativity, which is so often about connecting ideas in a new way, is predicated upon a wide base of knowledge and the power to create connections within it. For this reason, and also because it makes learning so much more compelling, my tutoring focuses on presenting students with an integrated web of ideas rather than disconnected facts. To learn more about my approach to integrated learning, click here.

Life Coaching

Helping students discover their unique gifts and personal passions

Giving students a head-start towards the life of their dreams

Connecting  schoolwork to those interests to make learning matter

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Sadly, most young people in our country have not discovered their passion in life. This is not surprising, since our education system is designed to stuff information into children, rather than draw fascination out of them. For most students, the lack of personal attention in class and the relentless barrage of tests makes uncovering their personal dreams impossible. In my sessions, I help students identify their own personal life goals and discover how to move towards them. This can make an enormous difference for students because a personal dream is the organizing principle which makes sense of, and which provides inspiration for, all the effort demanded of them. To learn more about my life coaching for children, click here.


Supporting students to make healthy, life-affirming choices both in and out of school

Making space for and enriching the inner lives of young people

Being a trusted ally on teenagers’ sometimes challenging journey of self-discovery

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As we all know, adolescence can very often be a confusing and challenging time. In many cases, the difficulties that teens experience outside the classroom (with dating, social pressure, drugs-alcohol, stress about school etc) very often lead to poor decision-making, poor self-esteem, poor performance in school, and general unhappiness. For students struggling in this way, academic tutoring by itself is often only part of the answer, and mentoring is extremely helpful.


Custom-built, curiosity-driven curricula based on a student’s particular interests

Cross-disciplinary explorations that demonstrate the connections between academic subjects

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For students who need a dose of inspiration, I have found that the best thing is often to let their innate curiosity guide their learning. Allowing young people to direct their own learning is far more engaging, rich, and rewarding than the traditional classroom experience. As we all know from our own lives, we learn so much more effectively when we are genuinely curious, rather than forced into learning.

For some students, and especially those that are over-committed, this enrichment can happen within a normal tutoring session. I always make sure that we have at least ten minutes at the end of a lesson to discuss subjects that are of particular interest to my student.

For students with more time, I offer sessions that are completely focused on igniting and pursuing their fascination. In the past, I have worked with students whose curiosity propelled them to dive into one particular subject, such as architecture, web design, or photography. In other cases, I have helped students design a cross-disciplinary curriculum organized around a theme of particular interest to them. Over the years, I’ve worked with students who chose to explore topics as diverse as ‘money’, ‘love’, ‘fossil fuels’, and ‘stars’. This approach of creating curricula organized by theme rather than segregated subject matter provides students with a far richer perspective on their world than the traditional high school class. To learn more about this approach, click here.


Merging creative self-expression with technological skill-building and analytic rigor

Offering practical, marketable skills students can use to thrive in the new digital economy

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Because I have been utterly fascinated by visual art-making tools for over three decades, I have developed mastery in both traditional and digital media. As a result, I can expertly guide students through a process that integrates technological education and self-expression. In addition to the obvious benefits of providing young people with powerful tools for expressing themselves, these courses also offer students extremely practical skills. Knowing how to build websites, or design logos, is both personally empowering and also highly marketable. As we all know, this arena is where many of the coming decade’s jobs are going to be.

Thankfully, young people have absolutely no trouble appreciating the relevance (both personal and professional) of these skills, and so they LOVE learning them. For many, it’s a powerful antidote to the pulling-teeth experience they so often have in school. Additionally, this area of study is so broad that each child can find his/her own particular passion/area of expertise. In the past, I’ve helped students learn about topics as different as: Website Design, Blog Writing, 2D and 3D Animation, Object-Oriented Programming, Video Production, Photography, Game Design, Digital Painting, and Special Effects Production.


What Students Say:

What makes Ari particularly unique is his ability to share with his students the broader impact of the material they are learning.

- Sarah

Boston College

What Parents Say:

The best part was the confidence Ari instilled in our son. His clear, relaxed communication style, as well as real expertise about what it takes to be successful in the classroom and in test situations, was enormously helpful.

- Lisa

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