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"Ari taught me much more than just how to get the right answer. He taught me how to learn.”

-Aaron • Cal Poly

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"Ari's kind, calming personality and his unlimited knowledge of basically every subject made him not only a welcomed tutor in our home, but a personal mentor to my son and daughter.”

-Dee Dee • Parent

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" Ari can find the interesting kernel in even the most boring material, which makes learning feel relevant."

-Stefano • Santa Clara

Is school a struggle? I can help.

In my eighteen years years as a full-time tutor, I’ve worked with students from 2nd grade to college in almost every academic subject. I’ve helped hundreds of students to succeed in the classroom and also to grow into more confident, engaged, and inspired people. Beyond offering unparalleled academic support, I have developed a special expertise for helping students who are:

• Performing far below their potential and abilities

• Spending unhealthy amounts of time in distraction (internet, TV, partying)

• Uninspired by school and unmotivated to work

• Disconnected from a sense of their individual gifts, interests, and life goals

• Unable to learn effectively from teachers in school

• Stressed by too much schoolwork & overwhelmed by too many activities

Educating Whole People

The foundation of my work is ensuring that students achieve academic success. At the same time, I strive to do more than just raise grades. Using an innovative, holistic approach, I help students to discover and appreciate their own gifts, values, and life dreams. For those students who need it, I offer services that increase their self-knowledge and light the flame of their inspiration. These tools, which give children their own reasons to pursue learning and engage life, make them far better students and far happier people.

What Students & Parents Say

Hear students and parents describe in their own words what makes my tutoring unique and powerful.

A Holistic Approach

Learn about my powerful techniques to help young people thrive in and beyond the classroom.

Sparking Inspiration

Discover my unique strategies for igniting students’ curiosity and passion for learning

“Ari is, in a word, FANTASTIC! Life for my family changed when Ari began tutoring my son. He knows how to get the student involved and taking responsibility. Ari’s skills also go beyond the academic: he weaves philosophy and current events into the lessons and closely follows what else is going on in the student’s life. He tutors the whole student..”

Becky • Parent

Contact me to schedule your first session. It’s free.

Masterful Test Preparation

Find out how I’ve created a painless path to score improvements that are nearly double those of the competition.

Expert College Consulting

Discover how I expertly assist young people with college selection, writing dazzling essays, and managing all their applications .

“I cannot and do not call Ari my tutor. That title does not do him justice. He was my mentor and he became a great friend. To this day, I haven’t met anyone with as much openness and patience as Ari embodies. He has the amazing skill of making each student feel special and creating an environment in which one actually wants to learn. Not to mention, I never had a subject that Ari did not know about. He made it all look so easy too!”

Arianna • UCLA

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